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Chatting with Amy Rene Makeup Artistry

Amy is a professional luxury bridal makeup artist for over 20 years, specializing in timeless long-lasting makeup. We had the privilege of speaking with her and learning more about her love for her clients.

What is your favorite part about being a makeup artist?

My favorite part of being a makeup artist is getting to meet my brides and to play a role on their special day. I'm there every step of the way: whether it's creating a look, hearing stories about their engagement, being there that morning to help with anything they need, and providing a calm relaxing planned on-time experience.

Another thing I love of course is the relationships. Since I've been doing makeup so long, sometimes I'll meet people outside of bridal. Say for instance I had the honor to do their senior makeup, later I got to do their graduation makeup or their Prom, and then after that they finish college and I got to do their engagement makeup or their bridal makeup. Maybe I don't hear from them for a few years and then I get to do their maternity makeup or their family photo makeup. It's really so special because it's a lifetime of experiences and sharing special moments or stories.

Where do you provide makeup services?

I provide services both on location within the Tri-Cities, as well as in my studio. It really depends on each bride. Some people want the luxury experience of having someone coming to them. They wake-up,and they don't have to lift a finger, you know, it's my pleasure to be able to come into that space and provide a service to do the makeup there. Sometimes it's exclusively the bride, sometimes it's the entire bridal party, mothers, aunts, all the special people. Other times people say 'nope, I'm going to pop into your studio and I'm going to let you do the makeup here' as well.

What is something you want every client to know when they work with you?

I genuinely am so excited for their day! I am here to help make sure on their most important beauty day of their life that I am here for them. I would say I'm someone that is caring, calm, planned, detail oriented, someone that will handle anything that may arise. Because sometimes, you know, wedding morning sometimes things do arise. Know that I'm here to make sure that you are feeling and looking your absolute best. I have everything handled you could possibly need, and if they have any questions or they need help planning their beauty schedule that I've got that all handled.

What are your frequently asked questions from clients?

A lot of brides say 'well I want to get my makeup done early, something like 8am, but my wedding doesn't start until 5pm, will it last?' My answer is absolutely! This is where it's important to have a skilled and experienced makeup artist. We're there to build the makeup to last 12 hours of kissing and crying and sweating and all those wonderful things. It needs to photograph well, perform with flash, look great on video, and it still needs to be intact when you're hitting the sunset session. That's why it's important to get a seasoned makeup artist so you don't have to worry about any of that, and to ensure that your makeup will stay intact all day, all night, and through the dancing.

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