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509Bride Community Guidelines

The purpose of the 509Bride Community ('Community') Guidelines are to make the Community a safe and enriching place for all users. We encourage our members to be welcoming to all members, offer honest and supportive advice, and share ideas to improve the wedding planning process. Members of the Community conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, decency, and respect in order to ensure that all Community voices can be heard and everyone can find the support and information they need.

Use of the Community is subject to these Community Guidelines, the 509Bride  Terms of Use, and the 509Bride Privacy Policy, which 509Bride reserves the right to modify at any time. Please direct any questions or feedback to

It is expected that everyone who chooses to participate in the 509Bride Community will hold themselves and each other to these Guidelines and ideals in order to foster a helpful, fun, and supportive Community for all.

Be positive, respectful and inclusive.

  • This community should be a safe space for all - offensive or explicit content and swearing are not allowed.

  • This is an inclusive community - you may not post anything that is abusive, threatening, slanderous, profane, disrespectful or belligerent against any individual or groups of individuals for any reason.

  • Stay positive and respectful, even when you disagree. Debates about ideas are fine; critiquing other people is not.

  • Any posts which contribute towards a negative community spirit may be removed and may result in the revoking of posting privileges.

  • Duplicate content is not allowed.

This community is a place for engaged couples to discover their wedding vendors.

  • People under the age of 18 are prohibited from participating in the Community.

  • Discussions which are not about weddings or relationships are not allowed in the Community and will be removed.

  • Present yourself honestly. You may not falsely claim credentials or expertise that you do not possess, or impersonate another user or person. Additionally, do not share anything which exposes the personal information of another member without their consent.

Users Acknowledgements

  • Each member may only have one account. Members who create multiple accounts will have their accounts deactivated.

  • As a participant of the Community, the content you share will be publicly available on the Internet and publicly viewable. As such we do not recommend posting personal information such as telephone numbers or addresses. You hereby acknowledge that your posts may be indexed by search engines. If you choose to suspend or delete your account, your content will remain.

  • Categorize your discussions in the appropriate group in order to ensure other members can find them. 509Bride reserves the right to re-categorize, edit, or delete items which are determined to be categorized incorrectly.

  • You may not promote or redirect traffic to sites that force the download of a virus, spyware, programs, or other content, or in any other way interfere with the operation of the Community.

  • These guidelines apply to all posts, account images, usernames, photos, videos, and all communication with 509Bride employees.

  • These are general guidelines applicable to our Community. 509Bride reserves the right to evaluate postings on a case-by-case basis and to take any action 509Bride, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate regardless of whether such guidelines are explicitly set forth herein.

  • We reserve the right to remove content that we determine, in our sole discretion, to be inappropriate and/or in violation of the Community Guidelines or the 509Bride Terms of Use.

  • Any violations of these Community Guidelines can result in the loss of posting privileges. In most cases, you will be able to log in to use your 509Bride account and use other planning tools but will be unable to post in the Community. In severe cases, you may lose all 509Bride access.

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