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Another way to remember your day, your celebration, the feelings and joy, and every moment of your wedding day is through your photographer. Selecting a photographer with an editing and posing style that you like and trusting them to carefully document your day will keep the memories rolling! Take time to enjoy an engagement session to get to know your photographer, you’ll be more relaxed and understand your poses better for your wedding day. And on your wedding day, let the moments happen, your photographer will work hard to deliver all of the best memories from the day.


Jordan Edens Photography

"A photographer for the timeless, romantic, crazy in love with each other couple. Those who not only seek adventure, but live life with great purpose, their wedding being no exception. The details of the day are thoughtfully and intentionally planned, and the day will be a reflection of the life that they hope to live together. The joy of the day, and the celebration of the marriage, and the promises that they will make are of the utmost importance. Specializing in Bride and Groom portraits alongside of the full wedding day story. Wedding collections are characterised by classic elements, romantic and emotional moments, intimacy, bold coloring, and strong black and white. 

Photography not only gives me the space to create and share the world from my perspective, but also gives me the context to meet and serve people. Each and every one of my clients chooses to invest in my work, they see value in the skills that I have and the product that they will receive. In turn I promise to invest in them with my time, with care and attention in each photo, with respect and kindness. I do what I do because I love and am fascinated by the connections between people, and want to help people treasure their memories and milestones."

Alex Lasota Photography

“I'm a full time weddding and elopement photographer based in the PNW... I don't just want to provide you with photographs, anyone can do that, I want to provide you with an experience. One you'll look back on fondly every time you think back on your can't eat, can't sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world series kind of love story.”

Bella Moda Photography

“Trish is a Wedding Photographer serving Yakima, Washington and Kauai, Hawaii... I love working with authentic and adventurous couples who are madly in love and want to make their wedding day their own. I bring a vivid, kaleidoscopic eye to all the details that make your big day yours. My approach is to document authentic moments and create timeless portraits. Emotion, connection, love and epic adventures inspire me! At the heart of me I’m an adventurer who loves to create art out of love + emotion.”

Chelsea Isley Photography

“Hello, I'm so glad you stopped by!  My name is Chelsea, and I'm the human behind the lens... My goal as a lifestyle photographer is to personalize your experience and provide you with timeless images of your loved ones.  I take pride in crafting memories - whether you are celebrating your firstborn, a recent engagement, or simply want to document a moment in your family's life.  I shoot mostly with natural light and take a documentary approach.  My favorite thing to shoot are the in-between moments, I love candid shots.  I try to create a comfortable environment where everyone feels free to be who they are.”

Courtney Corriell Photography

“My name is Courtney! I’m a natural light, portrait photographer living in small town Irrigon, Oregon. I love what I do, because I can't help but fall in love with everything & everyone that I photograph. I obsess over the real moments: loving, laughing & even the chaos.”

Dana Faith Photography

“Hello! I’m Dana!

I am a natural light photographer serving the Tri-Cities, WA and surrounding areas. Specializing in newborn, child, family, and maternity photography... I love to shoot outdoors (our natural desert scape is my favorite), but love studio sessions as well. Overall, want the pictures to be fun and reflect who you and your family are.  So, if you are looking to capture your new additions first days, yours child’s milestones, or its that time to get the family together for some updated pictures please contact me today!”

Emerald Studios
Women’s Portraits / luxury boudoir sessions

“Faith is a professional image expert & photographer specializing in women's portraiture.  She owns 2 businesses, Emerald Studios and Philocaly Lingerie Boutique. 

Emerald Studios is a feminine space where Faith and her team celebrate women, making them feel pampered and beautiful. Best known for her classy boudoir sessions and unique business portraits, Faith has steadily expanded the services offered at Emerald Studios for over 10 years. In 2014, she added personal styling and image consulting to her services. Through styling appointments and boudoir sessions, Faith learned that the women she serves also had a need for beautiful, comfortable, sexy lingerie. In 2016, she opened Philocaly Lingerie Boutique, a specialty by-appointment-only boutique.   
Faith is eager to share her body positive message that inspires women to own their God given beauty so they feel confident in all aspects of their lives.”

Ensign Photography

“I am Kate Ensign. Owner of Ensign Photography. I am located in Spokane, WA for the summer and I will be moving permanently to Moses Lake, WA this September! I am up to traveling anywhere in the beautiful PNW and beyond... What makes life most important is love & family. I love capturing the family connection and I believe to make the world a better place we must start with the family. My favorite subject to photograph are couples and I am proud to call myself a professional third wheel.

I want to get to know all my clients on a more personal level; hear your stories and capture the realness of you and your relationships. I promise to make you laugh and feel comfortable in front of my lense and capture a glimpse of your life's most precious moments with fresh perspective and a artistic eye.”

JK Photos

Jordan Kelm Photography

“Based in Eastern Washington, I am a PNW wedding, elopement, and destination photographer for the wildly in love. Traveling is my jam, gorgeous elopements in the middle of nowhere are my jam, and I have a weird thing for airports (they are my jam.) If you're looking for more information about who I am, and how I work, chances are you've connected with me or my work on some level, and you may have already chosen me to tell the story of one of the most epic days of your life. Let's check the availability of your date, and then let's celebrate your engagement and start my third wheeling with a glass of wine, or cup of coffee and get to know each other while we go over the details of your day!”

Just Shoot Me Imaging

“For those of you that don't know me, let me introduce myself. I am Catie, the owner of Just Shoot Me Imaging, and the gal behind the camera.

I enjoy capturing my clients, new and old, young and matured. Photography started as a hobby for me, and it grew rapidly into a love, and a need. A need to share my creative side with others, and a want to capture new couples just beginning, couples as they turn to husbands and wives, husbands and wives becoming moms and dads, and those babies turn into toddlers.”

Kailee Meyer Photography

“I'm the girl that gets goosebumps during wedding vows, teary-eyed during father-daughter dances, and regularly feels like my senior clients are "growing up too fast".  So yeah, I'm a bit of a sap. But that's exactly why I love capturing special moments in my client's lives! I feel what you feel and do my best to capture it for you to treasure forever.  

So if you're like me and don't want to forget any of life's biggest moments, let's chat! Whether it's graduating high school, getting married, starting a family, or just documenting your everyday life, I'm here for it all.”

Kara Durbin Photography

“I'm just a small town girl who has BIG Dreams & doesn't know when to stop chasing them. I am a lucky lady who married her High School Sweetheart & we have been inseparable ever since. We have three beautiful little ladies that fill our home with love & ongoing laughter.

Being a true Washingtonian, my days consist of lots of coffee till its an acceptable time to drink wine. I'm most comfortable in yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt (easier to chase toddlers).  I'm obsessed with anything yellow & I still jam out to old 90's tunes whenever I'm alone in the car.”

Manny Avila Photography & Visual Storytelling
Cinematographer / Photographer

“I am a photographer & cinematographer based out of Tri-Cities, Washington.
Together with my lovely wife and assistant, Katie, and with the big help of our awesome second shooters, we are passionate about creating beautiful art from your unique stories...
Behind the lens, I love capturing those special moments for people—moments that bring back emotions and memories for many years to come. The best moments for me are when clients come back and say, "I am so beautiful" and "you captured all the right moments!" This is the heart of my passion. Because of this, I want to continue on this journey for as long as I can press a shutter button!”

Martha Marisa Photography

“I love everything about weddings, but I especially love that I have the honor of capturing those once in a lifetime moments and make them last forever. I enjoy getting to know my clients, hearing their love story and becoming their friend. For me, being a photographer isn’t only about capturing the essence of your special day, but making it an exceptional experience that you will never forget.

Photography is my passion and I love how every wedding is unique in its own way. I feel so blessed that I can create memories that tell a story about a moment in time for future generations to enjoy. I thank God for all His blessings and for the amazing people I get to share this journey with.”

Melissa McFadden Photography

“Hi there! I'm Melissa -- wife, mom, sister, daughter & photographer -- and I'm so glad you stumbled onto my little section of the web. I was born and raised in the breathtaking Walla Walla Valley in sunny southeastern Washington and I love incorporating the beauty of God's nature into my photos. I'm primarily a natural light photographer and I can be frequently found chasing down the sunlight to grab a few of those beautiful sunrays. 

I absolutely LOVE my work and I hope that it shows! I believe that a photograph can capture the purity of a moment in a way that expresses the feelings and themes in life that words cannot. My hope is to preserve those moments in time that inspire you to appreciate and reflect upon what is authentic and most important in your life, whether it be your wedding, the birth of a child, or just your everyday bliss!”

Misty C Photography

“I'm a wedding photographer in Washington State for brides who loves squinty eyed/scrunched nose smiles, open mouth laughs, and intentional moments! ... If you love laughing to the point your eyes get squinty, intimate moments that would make The Notebook look weak, and photos that you won't look at 30 years from now and say "why would we do ______?!" then let's chat! I want to get to know you, and find out what matters most to you.”

Morgan Tayler Photo & Design

“Hey there, I'm Morgan Tayler Price! I'm a photographer, designer, and wannabe watercolor artist in Eastern Washington. I'm married to Jarin, this handsome man of mine. Most days you can find me curled up in a blanket editing and drooling over my last session, or browsing Pinterest and coming up with some new recipe to make my husband try(he calls them my "experiments"). My maiden name is Small and people often refer to me as "Smalls"; you can thank The Sandlot and every single coach I've ever had for that one. And I love anything and everything coconut! From lotion to ice cream to my favorite coconut macaroons.”

Nazar Iskenderov Photography

“My name is Nazar and my wife Tanya and I are wedding and portrait photographers. I first picked up a camera when I was 15 years old. It was absolutely fascinating to me! From how the camera worked, to all the different options you had when editing. It became my passion and I loved every moment of it!
After getting married in 2016, my wife joined me in the business. We absolutely love traveling and are very grateful that we get to do this for photography as well! We like to use the surroundings of these new places and natural light in our photos.We enjoy working with people and try to capture all the special moments as they happen.”

Pearson Portraits

“Portraiture, Wedding and Engagement photography based in Richland, Washington.”

Photography By Jackie Leigh

“My passion for photography began when my daughter was born.  I wanted to freeze the minutes as I watched her grow so fast.  I picked up my first camera in September of 2011 and that was that.  I was determined to figure it out.  I love that God blessed me with this incredible gift I get to call my job.  I LOVE that I am the one that gets to freeze time and put them in a capsule to forever remember . Whether its an Engagement, Wedding, Family or Senior session I GET to create lasting memories for people to forever look back on...AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!”

Purple Pineapple Photography

“My name is Blair Redon Ibatuan Hanson! I was born and raised in Richland, WA! Graduated from Richland High School... "Proud of the Cloud!!"  I have 3 gorgeous kids with my wonderful husband, Eric Hanson! ... I have always loved photography and cherished what photographs can capture!!”

Raelen Photography

“Native to eastern washington. Avid adventure lover and nature enthusiast. Lindy hop dancer. Sunset chaser. Hopeless romantic. Can sing kinda okay, and finds herself too funny.”

Robyn Leingang Photography

“Hello, I'm Robyn
I'm so glad you are here!!

Are you ready to have some beautiful images created to match your beautiful life??!! Are you ready to be confident in your own skin? Are you ready to bring your children and just play together? ... Are you an adventurer at heart? Someone who wants breathtaking views and images that are more like art than just another snap shot? Do you want your future grandchildren to see a romance that can't be denied because it was captured for all time? 

Hi! You just met your match!! I'm Robyn. And that's what I do. Want to go have some fun together? Leave me your info and let's start dreaming up your session!!”

Ross James Photography

“Hello! My name is Ross James Wallette. Through my childhood in the states of Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, I remember being drawn to 2 things. Making music and capturing photos. In university, I studied both, but that’s when I decided I didn’t want to do anything else besides photography. I'm 36 years old now and glad I made that choice!

Over the years I have operated my photography studio in Seattle, Ellensburg, Tri-Cities (all WA state), as well as Seoul, South Korea. I am currently based in the cozy town of Kennewick, WA with my wife and 9-month old daughter, Gianna.”

Sara Renee Photography

“HEY, I'M SARA ... Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m the girl behind the lens.

I got my first camera when I was in elementary school and have had a camera ever since. I loved capturing moments and going to get the images developed. In college, I was gifted my first DSLR camera for my birthday at 19 years old. Back then, I would take friends out to do photo shoots so that I could learn how to work my camera. You could always find me editing photos on Friday nights instead of going out, and still to this day, I love my Netflix nights and editing.”

Vita Podolyan Photography

“My photography journey began with a passion to capture the beauty in everyday life. Ever since I can remember, I have had a camera in hand, ready to capture the joy, love, and laughter that creates memories. When I first studied photography I was processing film in a dark room! ... I love the new digital age and the artistic flare that I can add to make your images standout and be a one of a kind! Browse my gallery and lets create the perfect setting to capture memories that will last a lifetime.”

Wilton Photography

“...based out of walla walla, wa, we've been photographing weddings for over twelve years. as a husband and wife team we've been in your shoes, and we can't wait to tell your story!”


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Jordan Edens