Hello world! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Rochelle, I am a wedding and event planner with Bliss Events in southeastern Washington State. I recently polled my followers on Instagram by asking if they knew what an event/wedding planner does? Not surprising, a majority (I’d say more than half) voted “no idea”. So what does an event/wedding planner do? Simply put, we ease your stress so you and your loved ones can enjoy one of the most important days of your lives.

 Another question I asked my followers was, “Did you have a wedding planner, and if not, why not?” The most common responses were “we did it ourselves” and “hiring a wedding planner is too expensive”.

First, let me address the “hiring a wedding planner is too expensive” answer. I will one hundred percent say that hiring an event/wedding planner is an investment. However, most planners don’t ask for it all upfront. I ask for a twenty percent retainer to hold your date. After that, the remaining balance can be paid in payments a month until your event/wedding date. There are also different packages (full planning, month-of planning, day-of coordination) and even a custom package that can be tailored to your event/wedding needs.

 Second, I hear “we did it ourselves” a lot. And you know what? You absolutely can do it by yourself. But why?? Why should you be worrying if the forks are on the right side of the table or if there is enough ice in the water next to the ceremony entrance? Those types of things shouldn’t even be a thought in your mind the day of your wedding. That’s what I do. Still not convinced on why you should hire an event/wedding planner? Let me walk you through a "typical" wedding…
A bride will begin hair and makeup around 9 or 10 in the morning. If you are lucky, you can get ready at the venue. If you aren’t so lucky (meaning you have to go to a salon or someone’s house) then that means you won’t be picture ready until around noon. So, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. you are busy with your bridal party getting ready. That’s three hours that you could have a wedding planner at your venue facilitating vendors and decor. But now you must either assign that task to a family member or have your bridal party do it in between getting ready.
Now it’s 12 p.m. and you’re making sure your girls look perfect, and that your flower girl is being entertained so she doesn’t have a breakdown and throw off the flower crown that you just spent $40 on. You also have to eat lunch but with all the getting ready and setting up going on, you’ll probably forget or just not be hungry. The photographer arrives and you meet the guys at the location for the first look. You have your crazy aunt Mary calling you asking where you wanted the wooden love sign because she doesn’t think it looks good where it’s at now, you also have the baker calling saying they are on their way but they had to turn back because they mixed up your cake topper with the gothic wedding that they have the next day. All of this while the photographer is trying to get everyone lined up for group photos.
You finally get your group photos done with your bridal party and family. It’s now 3:30 p.m. and it is time to head to the venue to check out what your crazy aunts did. You show up and it looks nothing like your vision. Even though you printed off all of the photos from Pinterest and glued them on a poster board, your Aunt Kim took it upon herself to hang the banner that says Mr. and Mrs. in the entrance of the reception instead of at the head table like you had on your vision board.
Once you rearrange everything to the way you like, it’s now 4:30 p.m. and guests are starting to arrive. You run back to the bridal suite where everyone is hiding out and you notice your fiancés college roommate, also his best man, is taking pulls off of a fireball bottle. The others are chanting “chug, chug, chug!” Now it’s time to walk down the aisle but people are still showing up. But you wanted to walk down the aisle at exactly 5 p.m., because you only have the photographer until 8 p.m.! Now you have to get your mom’s attention to have her go have the DJ announce to have everyone find their seats.
You finally get to walk down the aisle, it’s 5:25 p.m., you say your vows and say your “I do’s” but while you are doing that, you forgot to ask Aunt Kim to go light the candles on the tables in the reception area. You decide to just leave them unlit. You make your grand entrance and get stuck in a receiving line that you didn’t want to do. You’re so hungry from not eating that lunch you just wish you could be the first to go through the buffet line. You finally get a chance to sneak away. You grab a plate of food and sit down to eat. Then you notice there is a HUGE line at the buffet. You wish you would have listened to that Pinterest blog you read that said to release the tables by numbers. Now you’re done eating and wonder what you should do next. Is it cake? Toasts? Dancing? You decide toasts, so you tell the DJ to give the microphone to your maid of honor. Her toasts goes smooth, and actually the best man’s did too. But then the best man hands the mic off to the disgruntled brother of the groom who wasn’t included in the bridal party. Now what do you do?
I honestly can’t even continue typing this story because it’s giving me anxiety. But that is EXACTLY what I do not want my brides or grooms to feel. I could go on to tell you how I would have prevented ALL of that from happening. But instead, you’ll just have to trust that I know what I am doing. I love what I do. And I want to make your day as stress free and as PERFECT as your vision board. Let me help you plan your perfect happiness. Let’s get to planning so you don’t have to deal with the above scenario! And let the crazy aunts enjoy your day as much as you will. XOXO

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Photo by Jordan Edens Photography

Photo by Jordan Edens Photography

Photo by Ross James Photography

Photo by Ross James Photography

Photo by Ross James Photography

Photo by Ross James Photography



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