As the 2018 bridal season is coming to a close, I sit here with copper colored fingertips thinking about what this years trend was for us, right here in Eastern Washington. No, my manicure is not metallic infused, this is graffiti artist style spray paint, only I do not possess that skill. This is going to be a fun little journey that might cover some math, defiantly some science, engineering will be involved and some art.

It all started back in January when my dear sweet cousin was having her baby shower. I asked her what decor she would like us to add as far as balloons were involved. We had discussed a few options, and landed on her flippantly stating “I love my invites, so can we decorate the shower like that?” On the front of her invite was a copper hoop with greenery sparingly placed. When discussing this with my engineering team, we decided to use steel since the price of copper is so expensive and it’s a very soft metal. (For those paying attention, that was math and science.) Being soft makes it lightweight, which can help in certain instances, but it also bends easily. Usually when you don’t want it to. The frames were made to look like copper while in fact being steel. Fitzgerald Flowers in LaGrande Oregon provided the lovely eucalyptus, and we twisted some balloon flowers to add to the centers.


Let’s fast forward to one of our June brides, who loved the image of the copper hoops, and wanted them at her wedding. Having completed a site visit with her, we realized that the hoops wouldn’t give her the look she was going for. Besides there really wasn’t a place to hang them safely. We created an arch and a head table backdrop for her using standard metal frame work, and twisted two sizes of copper around the framing creating a more organic appearance. We added some balloons, and had My Garden Overfloweth add their magic to it as well. The calligraphy was created by Artful Virgo, and let me tell you, she thinks of things when making a piece of her art that we never knew existed.


The next piece we’re creating out of copper is back to those hoops. We’ve created several pieces this year with copper, but those have been sitting in the corner of our studio taunting us. Sometimes ideas take a while to mature, and this was one of those. The hoops are very heavy, and you have to have the right location to hang them. We thought they would be cute as free standing pieces, say to frame a dessert table, wedding cake, or another fun confection. Our lead engineer created some weight bases, and welded the hoops right to them. In our discussions I wanted to know why we shouldn’t use actual copper for this. Did you know what welding different types of metals together requires….well there were words….but it’s not easy to do and sometimes impossible. There’s your science, all wrapped up with a pretty little bow. So we created some heavily weighted copper hoops that aren’t copper at all.

JEP_9-21-18 509 Berry Punch-131.jpg

We can’t wait to see what next years trend will be. Just know that each idea is customizable to fit different locations and budgets. An entire cherry blossom tree (2017’s trend for us) may be out of the question, but a few branches hung strategically to give the appearance of a canopy when you’re sitting under it can be accomplished within a much smaller area.

Visit Up Balloon’s website for many more amazing ideas!


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