How to plan a hair and makeup schedule for your wedding day?

I love when a makeup artist and hairstylist can work together to create a schedule so that day runs smoothly.  Plan it ahead of time print it out so both hair and makeup artists have a copy as well as the bride.  Typical planning is about 45 minutes scheduled for each service with the exception of the Bride which can take up to an hour.  Create a list of bridal party member names and an estimated time frame that they will be in the hair or makeup chair to prevent chaos.  Usually on the schedule the mother of the bride and mother of the groom like to go first so that they can run around doing last minute organizing.  I like to schedule the bride to go near the end but never ever last!  This allows the bride to gather her things or do touch ups while the last bridesmaid is finished.  Save that last spot for the easy going bridal party member as sometimes their appointment is rushed a little to make sure everyone is done and dressed in time for pictures.

How should the hair be prepped?

As a hairstylist I would like to debunk the old myth around hair, “the dirty the better” is terrible misconception.  I prefer my bridal clients to wash their hair the night before with a light weight shampoo and condition no deep conditioning or trying out new conditioners.  If the hair can be blown dry with a round brush and a light volumizing spray or mousse it would be ideal. Or treat yourself and schedule a blow out at a local salon with no hot tools to help prep your hair.  Flat ironing will affect the hair ability to hold curl.  If on the rare chance you are born with fine limp thin or oily hair that needs to be washed everyday please do so, but make sure your hair is blown dry 100% as this can cause delays in the schedule if the hairstylist discovers any remaining moisture.  Hair can hold and release moisture hours later.  Leave the dirty hair process to the professional, I love to build up product on the hair as I work to make let the hair be pliable when I need it to be and secure when I finish.  Hair color and cuts should be done 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding date, allowing time in case there is a mistake.



What happens at a hair trial?

I love hair trials because as a stylist it gives me a chance to get to know your hair.  The day of your trial I will great you at the door on the day of your trial.  I ask that trials be scheduled about a month before if schedules allow.  I will seat you in my styling chair and talk face to face about your desired look.  We will talk about what is typical behavior for your hair, what your dress looks like, what kind of styles make you feel comfortable, and I will ask if you have saved any Pinterest photos.  I love inspiration photos because sometimes they communicate more than words.  I will be realistic with our expectations, because sometimes 18 inch hair extensions and blonde dimensional highlights can make all the difference in a photo. We will talk about hair pieces, bridal veils, or flower crowns.  Please bring any of these items with you as we will take photos after our hair trial so we can both look the photos over to see if any adjustments need to be made.  If you are unsure I have a few hair pieces that can be placed and purchased if you so desire.  I will text you our photos and expect a response about curl sizes, pin placement, or how the hair held up throughout the day.  You are always welcome to bring a friend or mother, but they must sit in a seat so I can work efficiently.  Hair trials in my contract are paid for separately and due after the service is finished.

When choosing a hairstyle for your hair type?

I always encourage brides to gather a couple of their favorite Pinterest looks.  As your bridal stylist we will talk about how your natural hair holds curl.  If it is fine, thin, long and is difficult to curl I may advise you to wear the hairstyle up so the curls or braids can be pinned and hold their shape throughout the evening.  If you have thin hair I may advise against a braid or at least doing a large braid.  I have learned how to make the most of the hair my clients have been given by using root powders and texture sprays but sometimes hair extensions are needed to accomplish certain looks.  Sometimes growing the hair out too long can hinder a desired look and I may advise you cut it, thin it out, add layers, or maybe a fringe.  When searching for inspirational photos look for pictures of models with similar hair color or even hair type if you can.  Lastly trust your beauty professional its hard to share years of experience in a paragraph but when your stylist gives suggestions trust they want you to look your best too.




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