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WEDDING WEDNESDAY / Top 4 Reasons to hire a DJ / 509 Bride

by Bonsai Audio

We’ve already covered why you Might Not Want To Hire A DJ and we’ve covered some DJ Horror Stories but we haven’t covered the top reasons you must hire a DJ. Today, we thought it would be good to discuss a few reasons why hiring a DJ might be necessary for the success of your event. The following list is the Top 4 Reasons You Must Hire A DJ:

1. Someone To Manage The Flow Of The Night

Having a mobile DJ/MC is extremely helpful for managing event flow. Your Bonsai Audio DJ will be able to handle announcements — like directing guests to a specific area or letting them know the toasts are about to begin — as well as playing music for dancing. Also… All of the DJ’s at Bonsai Audio will make announcements but some other DJ’s don’t, so make sure to ask!

If you don’t want to be worrying about your event schedule all night long, a DJ is a necessity. Tending to the schedule yourself can be tedious and keep you from enjoying your event to the fullest. On the other hand, allowing a friend, family member, or amateur to take the reins could lead to a choppy flow, or to certain scheduled events not happening on time — or at all. Hiring a DJ for your event is a necessity if you want to enjoy your night without having to worry about things going wrong.

2. Someone To Read The Crowd

An experienced DJ will know how to read the crowd — a must if entertainment and dancing is one of your top priorities. Your DJ will know when it’s time for a slow song, as well as how to get your guests pumped and on their feet to dance the night away.

Being able to read a crowd is a skill that takes a lot of experience and time to master. Allowing your music to play from a playlist set to shuffle might work in a pinch, but a shuffled playlist can’t replace the talent a DJ has for keeping your guests entertained. An experienced DJ can switch up the songs at the drop of a hat to keep your guests engaged. Studying genre’s and lyrics of all the newest songs is something that a DJ does, so you don’t have to.

3. Someone Who Can Make Appropriate Song Selections

If you don’t want to spend hours of your time picking out a list of songs, then hiring a DJ is definitely for you. After spending some time getting to know you and receiving a short list of songs you want played, your Bonsai Audio DJ will be able to customize a list of songs to your taste that will keep your guests dancing and entertained all night long.

Another important part of making song selections is knowing the right ratio of slow-song to fast-song. Too many fast-songs can tire your guest out, while a multitude of slow music can leave them lethargic and bored. Hiring a DJ will ensure that you don’t have too many of one or the other. We also study genre’s so we can keep guests entertained from many different walks of life.

Your DJ will also be able to keep personal preferences in mind when picking your songs. For example, if you don’t want any crude language or suggestive themes in the music played at your event, a DJ will be able to know what songs to pick to satisfy this need.

4. You Want Variety

One thing to consider is the style in which you prefer your music. Remember that a live band will typically only play one genre well. Even if they mix it up — with their own songs or covers from different artists — you will still be listening to the same voices and instruments all night. For some people, this may not matter. In fact, it may even be a positive. If you are looking for variety in your music, however, a DJ is the perfect choice.

In Conclusion

When it comes down to it, deciding whether or not you want to hire a DJ is a personal decision. Often, making these decisions comes down to budget and deciding what aspects of your event are most important, and what you want to put your money towards. For some, this might be food. For others, perhaps, having a beautiful venue or a lavishly decorated event is priority. If entertainment and the peace of mind that comes with someone else keeping track of your schedule is at the top of your list, hiring a DJ is something you should seriously consider.

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